Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food Geek and a Google Rant

long time no post. and Google Docs apparently doesn't integrate with Blogger (both google properties, how frustrating, you would think they are GE's Healthcare IT department)

Need to do better, at least for myself. I have a tendency to flit between projects and not really do one to completion, mostly at home as there is no urgency or deadline.

One of my Geekiness traits is that I am a food geek, and for fun I woke up a bit early today to try out a breakfast pizza recipe. It is located on the recipe found here I just lessened the number of eggs by one and added savoy cabbage which came in our CSA box.

I accidentally rolled out too much dough so I cut around the edges and made strips of dough which I added Cinnamon sugar too and baked those as well. Definitely needed a bit of butter before applying the Cinnamon sugar mix, would have tasted better.

Well, off to work. I have to figure out why the demo database has had it’s security messed up. (probably my fault actually, silly domain merge)

Unless of course google changed their publish options at which point I will handle publishing this after work. (actually on Saturday now)