Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekly Geekly 7

Cardboard Crafts come up as a thing when you have kids. Between kids asking to do crafts, cub scouts and school projects it is good to have seem resources. A great place for crafts that might actually end up as usable instead of garbage is on the ikat blob. See item here, here, here etc.
Photo from ikat blog.

I meant to put up a few pictures of recent projects
New DVD shelves, now to resolve the clutter of where they were previously stored.

Meat pies, The crust did not survive as well as it should. But for a first attempt not bad, and reasonable to taste.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Geekly 6

A lot of fun things recently

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With three young kids it is always fun to come across a good show that everyone enjoys. Miraculous Ladybug certainly is that. Sadly it has only gotten through half it's first run in English and is being "rescheduled." US Nick Page General Site There are also fan subs on YouTube as Korea, France, Brazil etc are all still airing new episodes.

On the Forgotten Realms map there is a work called Rawlinswood. As my last name is Rawlins, I figure it would be fun to write some adventures that could be set there. Of course in 5th edition they renamed it to Dunwood. Ah well. The best resource I have found is on realmshelp

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Geekly 5

Recently I have been trying to revise my own personal schedule to get more of what I want done. Probably has something to do with being busy, going to a Lean Leadership course etc.

A bit of DIY recently, my dad had a large box with foam inserts. Not sure what I will do with them yet, but now I have three sizable flat foam panels. They hang nice on some nails the previous homeowner had in the garage. I finished the shelves I was building with my son for DVD's so I will take pictures and post them later.

Fun Font of Dethek here.  
An RPG style guide for 5e content.