Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Megadungeon the Holidelve

So I have enough layers with my last post and this to allow for all the adventuring needs for a while.

The plan is to have enough here for at least a few long sessions. It should be, I hope we can have multiple sessions between Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Week, and New Years. 

Just to make the players less squishy, we are starting at 3rd level in 5th edition. Hopefully they don't die right away. I will post some information on what goes on the layers, but after they have been played through.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Megadungeon for the holidays

So I hope to run a bit of a one off dungeon crawl, perhaps making it an annual event in a megadungeon of my creation.

I have a messy overview map and started on some of the levels. So as to not reveal spoilers for the Day after Thanksgiving dungeon crawl, I will keep no notations, but here are the maps I have so far.

The upper left is a burial site. The next four are layers around a central mining shaft.

The upper left is the ruins of a wizards tower, then its basement and caves. Then some other caves deeper down. The Right side is a vertical dungeon for flying creatures that have many niches in the shafts.

More to come.