Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So what are lullaby's anyway, something to sing to calm or entertain a child.

I am apparently not very good at them, while I can recognize them when people sing them, I have the hardest time remembering one to sing in the middle of the night.

One song my father used to sing to me was San Toki (sp). It is Korean, and because of my unfamiliarity with Korean I will not attempt to type it in Korean letters. But here is how I recall it. Pardon my romanization.

San Toki Toki ya (bunny fingers aka peace sign)
O dido kanen ya (move bunny back and forth)
Gonshu Gonshu dimyon so (hop up and down then run around)
O did kanen ya (go back to swaying the bunny)

Basically it is about a bunny and you are asking where is is going, he is just jumping and running around. Not really a lullaby but a fun kids song. I will need to clarify the translation and make sure my memory is accurate as to how it went. But how is that, odd white guy remembering korean kid's songs. (My father went on an ecclesiastical mission to Korea when he was young, that is why a farmer turned doctor born in Idaho knows korean)

So now I just need to learn a bigger variety of songs.

Edit: I should have checked more before starting the post. I did find an online reference to Santoki.

Here it is from the wikipedia article. I never knew there was a second verse. (

First Verse:
산토끼 토끼야 어디를 가느냐
깡총깡총 뛰면서 어디를 가느냐
Second Verse:
산고개 고개를 나혼자 넘어서
토실토실 알밤을 주워서 올테야


First Verse:
San-toki, toki-ya
Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?
Kang-choong, kang-choong tee-myun-suh
Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?
Second Verse:
San-go-gae go-gae-reul
Nah-hon-jah nuhm-uh-suh
to-shil to-shil ahl-bahm-eul
Joo-wuh-suh ol-tae-yah

Busy Busy

Ok finally I am getting to post. For now pictures will be updated most frequently on but the blogging aspect will be done here and I will be removing the lists from and be redirecting here for blog content. Now all I need to do is fix up the code on the blogger site.

Now in more interesting side notes, on the front page of there is a picture with a hat, an outfit, and a pink blanket. For those visiting Super Fan Parents here is the meaning behind each.

Hat: Leaf village symbol from Naruto
Outfit: Sent by a friend we made at Anime Expo, because it was a baby kimono.
Blanket: So it's pink, my wife is likened to Kaoru(sp) from Kenshin and Kaoru is likened to a tanuki(raccoon dog) hence the raccoon fabric was too much to pass up. (We have friend who we liken to Misao the weasel)

So there you have the nerdy meanings behind the objects.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby is Born

Kenji Alphonse Rawlins was born on October 25th 2007 at 15:55 PDT at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland Washington. Kenji weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Mom and Baby are doing well.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What's in a name, a nose by anyother name could still smell

So why Kenji Alphonse Rawlins?

Rawlins is easy: It is our last name.

Kenji Alphonse, because we liked it.

Kenji is Japanese in origin, and has a variety of meanings depending on the Kanji used to represent it. The -ji was in the past used often for the second son, -ji being one of the alternate readings of the kanji meaning two. Ken- and -ji can be any number of things. Below are some examples. Please note that you must have unicode support to view these. Macs should come with that support, Windows machines will need the asian language support files installed, and Linux will depend on the distribution.

So here are the various Japanese readings:

Katakana: ケンジ
Hiragana: けんじ
Kanji: a few variations that are known to be used as name Kanji
 健二: ken-strength or persistence -ji two (film director, actor)
賢二: ken- clever or wise -ji two (popular Seiyu)
 賢治: ken- clever or wise -ji an era (known composer, poet)
健児: ken-strength or persistence -ji newborn (another Seiyu)
憲次: ken- law -ji next (known composer)
Other Combinations, not known to be used in names, but with correct readings. These would need to be viewed by someone fluent in Japanese and with a good knowledge of name kanji and possible connotations.

We picked this one, and you can see it on the top of baby site


Blogging a new baby

Chinese Ink
Originally uploaded by Nathanael.Archer

So now you have it. I can post pictures fairly easily if it is one picture per post. This is a cool picture of ink sticks. Because we are doing something unusual and giving our white child an asian name, I figured this would be appropriate.

This blog is to detail the silliness of two fans and their work to raise a child. Heidi and I were married two years ago and now are going to have a child. So how do two star wars, anime, & manga fans raise a child and try to "settle down"? We don't know either.

So this will detail everything from baby's first cosplay and baby's first con all the way to how do you decorate so family and friends don't think you are living like a teenager. (Lets face it, most anime wallscrolls are not living room material)

In my next post I will re-post what is on the baby website about why we went with the name and how to spell it in romanji, katakana, and kanji. (hopefully the japanese characters will show up correctly)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Starting Up

Just a sec while I get this going. Hopefully this will be more successful than previous attempts at blogs. I will soon be moving most blog like things to blogger.