Monday, July 27, 2015

RPG a Day

Last year I thought about doing the RPG a Day but did not do so. So this year I will and will answer questions related to both last year and this year, if I can.

I greatly enjoy RPG's (Role Playing Games) but do not play them as often as I would like. They have provided a great way to express both my penchant for logical structures and systems as well as my love of stories.

Recently my son has been interested and with the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons out last year, it is a great time to get back into it.

So these will be coming in August.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So Why am I Blogging?

Honestly, because I want to eventually publish some stuff online.

So for people to buy something, they would need to know what they are getting. So this is to establish that. Along the way a lot of stuff will be made available here anyway for free. So it isn't just for advertising.

What I plan to publish at some point are story modules, roleplaying adventures/ supplements, story games etc. We will have to see where things end up.

So one thing is why. The answer is because I like telling stories and it is more fun when other people can enjoy them.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why not

So, I think I am going to start blogging again. The question is how.

 Most of the information that might be useful to other people would be based on things I create or do relating to geekery. So my thought is to revive this old blog.  The goal would be to blog at least once a week with something useful.

 New Labels:
 Roleplaying Games (likely will have several sub-labels here)