Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Busy Busy

Ok finally I am getting to post. For now pictures will be updated most frequently on but the blogging aspect will be done here and I will be removing the lists from and be redirecting here for blog content. Now all I need to do is fix up the code on the blogger site.

Now in more interesting side notes, on the front page of there is a picture with a hat, an outfit, and a pink blanket. For those visiting Super Fan Parents here is the meaning behind each.

Hat: Leaf village symbol from Naruto
Outfit: Sent by a friend we made at Anime Expo, because it was a baby kimono.
Blanket: So it's pink, my wife is likened to Kaoru(sp) from Kenshin and Kaoru is likened to a tanuki(raccoon dog) hence the raccoon fabric was too much to pass up. (We have friend who we liken to Misao the weasel)

So there you have the nerdy meanings behind the objects.
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