Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Kind of Geek am I?

I am a geek, I saw this image showing pictures of a bunch of different geeks a long time ago, but it relates to the blog so I wanted to mention what kinds of fandom I consider myself to be a part of. Or in other words what kind of geek I am. Geek is an odd word and I may use it loosely, as my geek cred in all fandoms may not be of the highest quality. I still identify with the groups so they will be included here.
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So here is the brief list.

Star Trek Geek
Star Wars Geek
Cosplay Geek
Anime/Manga Geek
Apple Geek
Former RPG Geek (Haven't actually played in years, ah the days of WEG Star Wars)
Food Geek 

Or using the more arcane Geek Code (not all categories used, some are outdates, some I don't care) They of course need to reexamine it for XML to include more geek subcultures. Where do I put down my thoughts on Stargate or the new Battlestar Galactica. Of course you would need a better understanding of RDF and XML than I have to create one or extend one.

GIT d+ s:+ a C++ L+ P+ W++ w+ M++ Y+ t+ 5 X R tv b+ e++ h---- r+++

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