Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging a new baby

Chinese Ink
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So now you have it. I can post pictures fairly easily if it is one picture per post. This is a cool picture of ink sticks. Because we are doing something unusual and giving our white child an asian name, I figured this would be appropriate.

This blog is to detail the silliness of two fans and their work to raise a child. Heidi and I were married two years ago and now are going to have a child. So how do two star wars, anime, & manga fans raise a child and try to "settle down"? We don't know either.

So this will detail everything from baby's first cosplay and baby's first con all the way to how do you decorate so family and friends don't think you are living like a teenager. (Lets face it, most anime wallscrolls are not living room material)

In my next post I will re-post what is on the baby website about why we went with the name and how to spell it in romanji, katakana, and kanji. (hopefully the japanese characters will show up correctly)

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