Friday, October 12, 2007

What's in a name, a nose by anyother name could still smell

So why Kenji Alphonse Rawlins?

Rawlins is easy: It is our last name.

Kenji Alphonse, because we liked it.

Kenji is Japanese in origin, and has a variety of meanings depending on the Kanji used to represent it. The -ji was in the past used often for the second son, -ji being one of the alternate readings of the kanji meaning two. Ken- and -ji can be any number of things. Below are some examples. Please note that you must have unicode support to view these. Macs should come with that support, Windows machines will need the asian language support files installed, and Linux will depend on the distribution.

So here are the various Japanese readings:

Katakana: ケンジ
Hiragana: けんじ
Kanji: a few variations that are known to be used as name Kanji
 健二: ken-strength or persistence -ji two (film director, actor)
賢二: ken- clever or wise -ji two (popular Seiyu)
 賢治: ken- clever or wise -ji an era (known composer, poet)
健児: ken-strength or persistence -ji newborn (another Seiyu)
憲次: ken- law -ji next (known composer)
Other Combinations, not known to be used in names, but with correct readings. These would need to be viewed by someone fluent in Japanese and with a good knowledge of name kanji and possible connotations.

We picked this one, and you can see it on the top of baby site

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