Friday, April 11, 2008

'The Tale of a Bad Father' or 'Baby's first Con'

So last month we attended SakuraCon in Seattle. It was nice to get out of the Tri-cities and relax. We also visited Uwajimaya(sp?) the asian market in Seattle and got a chance to cosplay. We cosplayed only for Friday and Saturday. Friday as Kenshin and Kaoru, with little Kenji. (that will be fun when he is a toddler and running around, while we scream at him is costume to stop mucking around*) Then on Saturday and Naruto and Hinata (time skip versions, and I don't have my orange pants done yet). We had to head home on Sunday.

Which brings us to 'The Tale of a Bad Father'. I took pictures of other cosplayers, but not much of my own little family. Not to mention we were unable to find Kenji's little knitted(croched?) Konoha symbol hat. So some time we will have to get him in that hat and have us dressed as Naruto and Hinata again, and take some pictures.

The new Hakama we got are nice, but they are bifurcated(fancy word for split down the middle, ie pants). Not that I dislike pants, but Hakama are hard to wear and then go to the bathroom. Undivided Hakama (ie skirt like) are much easier in that department. So I almost prefer our home-made ones.

I will most likely edit this post later to include a picture that I did take.

*If you don't get this then you have to know that Kenshin and Kaoru have a son named Kenji. So cosplaying as Kenshin and Kaoru and Kenji will be fun.
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