Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recent Wanderings 1

So I will be posting a series of recent wanderings articles all about recent geeky things. I plan to do this weekly.

Fun you finish the post and it fails to save.

Ok so I won a giveaway at JetPens.com for a fun Coloring book. Here is one of the pages. A Bejeweled Owl Automata in a Crystalline Menagerie? Sounds like a start of a story.

For Christmas I also got the above book on Fantasy maps. Should be a fun read.

And to end. Go Star Wars for beating out and smashing grossing records. It is about time we displace those posers of Titanic, Avatar, and Jurassic Park as the top grosser. R.A. Salvatore now has a friend in the killing off characters club. 

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