Thursday, January 14, 2016

Weekly Geekly 2

So here we are at week two of my recently weekly wanderings.

Dungeonesque: a cool indigo campaign using the new Open Gaming License for
Dungeons and Dragons. It would be awesome to have several copies for new players as it is always hard to have enough players handbooks. 

More below the link

One of the blogs I follow is the blog of Daniel Solis. He is a game designer and graphic designer. He has made some real fun games, I may have to do a review at some point of one of them.

His Patreon is funding the creation of really cool videos on how he goes about the graphic design side of making a game. Go to youtube to see his latest video.

 Two other blogs I am really enjoying are Dyson's Dodecahedron and TheRPGPundit

Dyson has fantastic maps and ideas. The RPG Pundit is an awesome mix of Uruguayan commentary mixed in with some very interesting ideas. He is a bit gruff and very opinionated, so some may not like his content and style, but it ranges from thought provoking to fun. Part of the reason I like it is RPG related but also remembering my time in Uruguay is a bit nostalgic now since it was sixteen years ago. So I leave you with a recipe I learned in Uruguay.

1 kilo de papas
1 kilo de harina
2 yemas

or in English

1 kilo of potatoes
1 kilo of flour
2 egg yolks

Mash the potatoes after peeling and boiling, then add the flour and egg yolks. Then knead into a dough, roll into 1/2 in diameter snakes and cut small pieces and boil till they float and skim them off.

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