Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bellflower and Bamboo, or The Mountain Campaign

My recent world building has taken place over several years and a bunch of ideas that have slowly germinated into a new campaign world for roleplaying.

Here we go through the initial process of creating it.

First, I had some ideas that I needed to put together. Some I will not explicitly explain as people will play in my world and mystery and uncovering mystery is a key element.

- Sci-Fantasy
- Relative Time Streams
- Why can races inter-breed (How do you get a half-orc, half-elf, half dwarf?)
- If dragons live long lives, what is their long term game?
- Why do dragons typecast into color based races and stereotypes? Why can't you have a yellow orange dragon that breaths lightning? What about a blue dragon that breaths water?
- Rise and Fall of civilizations
- Separate yet not in the multiverse

Once those ideas were there I created a story in my mind of a location, a mountain with caves a town nearby etc. Then came a map I made during coloring time with my kids.

Now how to create an actual campaign world, next time.

Note that for now, the entirety of the campaign is set in one speck on the far right of the map.

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