Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maps to Countries

Part 3 of world building.

I love random generators in RPG's. However complex nested ones like those found with Wilderness Explore Revisited, are a pain to generate quickly. So one weekend I decided to learn Python (Perl was giving me grief with what I wanted), and I wrote a random generator program. It is a generic program that is specifically designed for nested tables of random generation. It takes a definition file that defines the tables and how they relate and outputs the result. I perhaps should make a video and release it for use.

I build a ton of tables for country and culture, a few of which I have included in a previous post. What is the primary race, clothing, common features etc. Then generated a good round number of countries in an instant. 32 as that corresponds to some rough bubbles I drew on the map.

Almost too much info, but I will be able to use this info to generate a lot more information on the fly. Then put it on the map. An example rough country entry is below:

Half elf Dictatorship Heraldry:  green grey Plant Symbol
Orgs:   Organization With Unlimited Funding
Exports:   magic items education stone wood Imports:   magic items preserved foods transport oil
Language:  Syllabic - Top to Bottom - Serif script - accordions - no trait -
Common Art:  Dance -  cross - yellow pink - gold -
 Women Wear:  leather - fitted - pleated - vibrant large central patterns - Off white - Blacks -
Men Wear:  felt - fitted - gathered - wild clashing patterns - Browns -  indigo cream -
Architecture:  Stone - Polynesian -
 Tradition:  Worships:   Divine being concept
 Tradition(Object):  Item:
Moderate(+3)  :   Box  :  Sustain/Heal  :     :  Creator was a Giant.  :  Nature is Bane.  :  

  Planting Festival(Specific Crop)  Femininity  Lights  Reversals  Abstinences  
 Planting Festival  Virility  Different Dress  Lights  Special Foods  

I won't keep everything that was generated, mostly to jog the imagination. Primarily what I need is some detail in order to answer questions the players have, and a few nations to be well fleshed out where they will start.

Additionally I generated something happening in each 72 mile hex, something that would be well known, and possibly provide good adventure hooks.

2501: Has a Castle/Citadel:   Castle Foundations Only  Invaded by:  Elf  arrow Traps   Lighted Atypical Construction  

NPC:  Drow - male - Name:  Patter  odd  regret  
- I Will Find You: A character wants to find a lost or kidnapped loved one, whatever the cost.
- Clothes:  Chameleon  Clothing - Domain:  Gossip/Reputation - Hobby:  Dicing -
2502: Has Relic or Ruin:   In a large crater of  Thicket   crumbled & decayed  Artifact:  Sword  
Guarded by:  animals  
2509: Has Lair:  Ledge:   2d4 Giant Rams  (Fully Occupied)  

Then overlay a ton of this stuff on the map, whew. Next article I will talk about fleshing out a country etc.

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