Sunday, September 20, 2015

Countries need Trade

Fleshing out countries starts with a name and a concept.

As I am visual I started to create a bunch of layers on my map. Once done we have to establish the tone of the past few decades, add some things for the players to investigate and act as the backdrop activity. Then we drive the rest off the players exploration.

So this took forever, but was a lot of fun for me. Key point, when world building use what you like to do. For me that includes vector artwork and thumbnail designs, random generators, and languages etc.

Bellflower and Bamboo: Arheath (Continent Name) Political Map

Arheath Trade Map 
(not really individual trade routes but to provide an idea of what is going on.)

Arheath: Hex adventure hook map
(some are boring as to be expected)

Nasa released an app called G. Projector that lets you take that world map and change it's projection. Sadly no projection for a dodecahedron I can print and tape together for a globe. but a square one is available.

Next time: The first adventure.

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