Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 5

My most old school RPG owned: Well Star Wars d6 is old school Star Wars, but most of the time this is referring to the OSR (Old School Renaissance of Dungeons and Dragons editions). I have downloaded several rule sets but have not played any. I do really like 5th edition and would much rather convert old school to 5th edition at this time.

However when it comes to adventures, blogs and other materials. I do quite enjoy some of the off-beat stuff in the OSR realm. Most recently A Red and Pleasant Land. While the author was the center of some controversy shortly before I really got involved seriously in Roleplaying again, I do find this book a fantastic cohesive idea. While most modern RPG's cast a wide net, this is focused, interesting, compelling and weird. The monster of Guests is especially awesome in it's variety and random tables.

Which is something I have always loved. Random Tables. So here is one I made for developing aspects of new cultures in an exploration game (never used in play, yet but to aide in world creation). Originally implemented in a python random generation program, it was not die based, but for your pleasure it is here.

Popular Type of Art : (d20)
1- Statuary
2- Tapestry
3- Jewelry
4- Dance
5- Plays
6- Novels
7- Poetry
8- Song
9- String instruments
10- Percussion instruments
11- Wind instruments
12- Calligraphy
13- Painting
14- Freezes
15- Martial arts
16- Pottery
17- Masks
18- Carvings
19- Headdresses
20- Clothing
Common Representations in the Art: (d8)
1- Animals
2- Specific Animal (pick 1d3)
3- Symbols
4- Specific Symbol (pick 1d3)
5- Geometric
6- Curvy
7- Symmetrical
8- Asymmetrical

Note Specific Animal can include Human,
Elf, Oni, Manticores etc.
And likewise symbols can include body parts,
arm, leg, heart, forked tails, dragon scales etc.

As I have been answering questions from both the 2014 RPG a Day and 2015 there are bound to be overlaps and things that don't apply. So the second question was a question posed yesterday. What is your most recent RPG purchase. However as that remains the same, I will instead mention my next expected purchase: Fantasy Grounds.

With all my current group except one, we have kids, wives and jobs. It makes it hard to get together. So by using an online tabletop this is much simplified. Also it allows us to include old friends in remote locations at times. So I would have bought it recently except I have yet to decide how. Fantasy Grounds has two licenses. One is the basic license, and one the ultimate. The ultimate can allow free unlicensed copies to join a campaign (and as such is the cost of about 5 basic licenses). The question is with 4 of us willing to DM who gets which license. To complicate there is a package on steam that is 4 licenses for a reduced bundle price, but then is tied to Steam. Grrr why can't decisions be easy. Either way I will likely purchase this week to start playing with it and trying to modify content etc.
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