Thursday, August 13, 2015

RPG a day 13

Most memorable character death: Most of the time I have played as the Dungeon Master and really I have no most memorable death of my characters. When young we rotated through characters so frequently they rarely saw a second adventure and many survived by the fact alone.

Favorite RPG Podcast: I don't really listen to many, but I have enjoyed the the Acquisitions Incorporated Podcasts.

As todays questions don't really provoke anything very interesting here is a map I am creating for a new campaign. The Bellflower and Bamboo is my tentative title.

This the the political map, I am still working a bit on it. The legends are ugly still and the terrain and names have yet to be added. As this is a vector file, I also have a ton of data on trade, exports, imports etc on another layer. So here is another view of some layers of the file, I am also trying to develop the architecture, clothing, adventures etc. I have a randomly generated feature per hex. (Hex's are 72 mile hexes and could further be broken down into 6 mile hexes as needed.

Imports and Exports listed as red and blue icons, the relationships of where they would export to are then mapped. The composite trade routes would be next. What each nation produces influences their behavior, style, and what is going on.

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