Thursday, August 6, 2015

RPG a Day Day 6

Last year I thought about doing the RPG a Day but did not do so. So this year I will and will answer questions related to both last year and this year.

Favorite RPG never get to play: Many of them really. I think one that I really like from a character build point of view is Maid RPG. However to play it seems to require some knowledge of Japanese Maid culture and how the RPG lampoon's it. It is romantic comedy in flavor and really would be hard to find a group to play with. I love the tables that have you describe your character's physical and mental insecurities, and color scheme. It also introduced me to d66 style tables, which are a great way of using common dice for random tables of more than 6 things (36 to be exact)

Imports/ Exports (roll 2d6)

1woodmetal stonesaltchemicalanimal
5alcoholfermented foodspreserved foodsdairyeggstools
6specialty itemsbeurocratssoappotteryartroll twice

Most Recent RPG played: Star Wars: Edge of Empire. I recently mentioned that I believe. 

I have a nice set of coins to use for credits to.

As one of our group just had a new baby come to the family, our schedule is a bit in flux for regular game nights. Hence part of the discussion of buying Fantasy Grounds. While my brother lives near town it is still a 30-40 minute drive each way, and with kids and babies that becomes more time than is easy to allot on a regular basis.

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