Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RPG a Day 19

Favorite Published Adventure: You mean people play these straight and not just mine them for ideas? No probably my favorite I have run was a portion of the Adventure published with the Wheel of Time campaign setting, perhaps that was because I was devouring the available book while the game happening.

Ones I would like to run or play in. Princes of the Apocalypse by Wizards, old school modules such as Ravenloft or Temple of Elemental Evil. It would be fun to adapt the Red and Pleasant Land as well.

Favorite Supers RPG: Never really played one. Marvel and DC are interesting but tangential to most of my interests. 

Anime has over the top hero's and characters and I have played BESM once, and would be interested in playing OVA in an over the top campaign.

Crazy Hair Random Table
Roll d10 for color 
(d4 for common colors)
1. White
2. Blond
3. Brown
4. Black
5. Red
6. Blue
7. Green
8. Purple
9. Orange/ Yellow
10. Rainbow
Roll d12 for Style or Quirk
(you may roll twice, d6 for more normal)
1. Straight
2. Curly
3. Short
4. Long
5. Shaved
6. Roll twice
7. Braided
8. Spiked
9. Swooped up
10. Constantly Moving
11. Super Bangs
12. Huge
If you roll two things that contradict great.
A mullet is someone who rolled short and long.

Note: I have found Pinterest to be of use when bookmarking. I tend to be visual so seeing an image is quicker recognition of the link. So I do try to include an image in each post. Most are generated by me if not credited, and by generated I mean either in a graphics program or by a camera. Museums are great when they have diorama's to photograph.
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