Monday, August 17, 2015

RPG a Day 17

Backdated post as I missed posting on time.

Funniest Game you’ve played: Probably the one Today. I decided to run my nephews through an adventure in my new campaign world. My one nephew wanted to be the apprentice of a time traveler magician, the other nephew the descendant of that time traveller.
Initial sketch of the continent

Perhaps I think it funny because of the characters, and the bombastic stylings of those at the table. My son and wife also played characters and we ended up winging it through an adventure in my sandbox campaign. Overall it went well.

The cast was (all 4th level as that is where they wanted to start)
- A human technomancer from the future, with spell "apps" on his iPhone like device.
- A dragonborn bard, with some lost memories and knows a time traveller and thinks he has travelled in time, a bit fuzzy though. And a penchant for singing song snippets through the game.
- An Elf warrior
- A dragonborn shaolin monk

Favorite Fantasy RPG: Hmm. Dungeons and Dragons continues to be my favorite. However that is a bit boring to note. I haven't played many, but have read many but until I play them they don't really count.

Some I think would be fun to play would be Ryuutama and Fantasy Age.

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