Friday, August 14, 2015

RPG a day 14

Best convention purchase: I have been to half a dozen anime conventions, one steampunk convention, but never a gaming convention. As for the conventions I have been, to I really like my LastWear Neo-Hakama pants (sadly they are out of business), there are just far too few opportunities wear it.

Random tables for you on clothing

Multiple Clothing Styles (d4)
1. Everyone wears the same thing
2. Class distinction in clothing
3. Gender distinction in clothing
4. Class and gender distinctions
Clothing Material (d6)
roll 1d2 times
1. leather
2. cotton (d2 1 fine/ 2 corse)
3. linnen
4. felt
5. wool
6. unusual fabric

Clothing Cut (d4)
1. loose cut
2. fitted
3. bifurcated
4. un-bifurcated
Clothing Patterns (d12)
1. small border patterns only
2.muted Large central patterns
3.muted all over patterns
4.vibrant large central patterns
5.vibrant all over patterns
6.wild clashing patterns
7.nature patterns patterns
9.gradient patterns
10.embroidered patterns only
11. roll twice
12. roll for specific symbol here
Clothing Traits (d8)
1. revealing
2. conservative
4. pleats
5. gathers
6. tied
7. clasped
8. asymmetrical
Clothing Colors (d6)
roll 1d2 times
1. tans
2. browns
3. blacks
4. off white
5. 1d2 bright colors
6. 1d6 bright colors

Bright colors (d6)
1. red
2. yellow
3. orange
4. blue
5. green
6. purple

Favorite RPG Accessory:

My favorite right now is my newest. The RPG bookmarks set shown above. Good bookmarks are a lot of fun.
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