Friday, August 7, 2015

RPG a Day Post 7

Most intellectual RPG owned: Ok, so intelectual. I think all RPG's are intellectual by nature.

As this was the 2014 question, please wait while I look up last years responses from other people to help me know how to answer this question.

In terms of complexity I would have to say Pathfinder. There are in many cases to many options, and it is a bad RPG to start someone out on without a constant buddy to explain the rules as they come up. In terms of clever mechanics, I have to say that Numenera and the Strange would be the most clever, even if I have yet to play either.

Favorite Free RPG: At this point I would have to say Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Basic rules. I don't have many that are free, and most are based on Dungeons and Dragons previous editions. All around good ruleset and a good starting point.

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